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Supermarket Art Fair 2011
00130Gallery Helsinki Finland

00130Gallery Helsinki contemporary art association was found in 2005 and its lively artist community
and artist run association gallery in Helsinki.
Gallery’s profile has been from the beginning an artist-run and a non-profit space. The main idea behind
the gallery´s ideology is to support young contemporary artists and a non commercial projects in all
mediums. 00130Gallery has presented over 100 artists and has organised several different international
projects and happenings in the past 6 years. 00130Gallery is always looking for new co-operation possibilities.

Artist: Lee Walton (USA) medium: Video, Performance,
www.leewalton.com / 00130gallery.net

Often regarded as an Experientialist, Walton’s work takes many forms- from drawings on
paper, game/system based structures, video, web-based performances, public projects, theatrical
orchestrations and more.
After a two-year affiliation with the Headlands Center for the Arts in Marin, Walton has received
many accolades from Museum funded projects (Reykjavik Art Museum of Iceland,
Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art, SECCA, ICA Boston), public commissions
(Art in General, Socrates Sculpture Park, Rhizome at the New Museum of NY, national and
international exhibition venues (Island #6, Shanghia, China, Clubs Project Inc., Australia,
Ljubljana Museum of Art) and collections (Metropolitan Museum of Art, Martin Z. Margulies
Walton has also lectured extensively on his practice and related subjects. Recent lectures,
panel discussions and visits include MIT, Art in General, The New School, Art Institute of
Boston, Columbia, Portland State Univerisity and the University of Ulster, Belfast Ireland

00130Gallery vill present Lee Walton´s video works:

Making Changes
Walk Away

FALL! from lee Walton on Vimeo.

Temporary Space artist group ( directed by Jonna Johansson and Juan Kasari )
medium: painting, installation, video, photography

Tourism, globalisation and consuming as a cultural phenomenon are the main
subjects of the installation “Temporary Space”. Installation shows the tourism as a
phenomenon of masses, a process of purchase and a sale of experiences documented
by a domestic photos, postal and videos that testify that one “was there”. Temporary
Space recreates own symbolism to construct parody of the tourism and its cultural,
political and social implications.
Synthetic materials, false palms, T-shirts, postcards, videos, and photos for example
are some of the elements which are used to construct a “tourist shop” installation.
The relation between the tourism and the art is privacy; actual tourist person in a
photo is as much a tourist landmark as the Statue of Liberty or The Colosseum is.
Images of the tourist products show also ”other side” of tourism and globalisation.
Subjects of the postcards varies from homeless people to ”pirate” products.
Temporary Space also deals with the globalisation theme, the idea of Western World
which will become a one big space without any cultural differences



Artist: Ihana Havo
Medium: Sculpture, Performance, Sound




00130Gallery international video art project:
00130Gallery launched video art project 2006 and over 100 video artists have
submitted works to our project. 00130Gallery shows works from the project in the
screening nights and events. 00130Gallery will present selected (3 artists) collection of American
video art (curator Juan Kasari) in Supermarket art fair.

Participating artists:
Victoria Fu : Portmanteua
Portmanteau (2009) is a 16-mm film shot at Arcosanti, an unfinished
experimental city in Arizona. Set against a backdrop of what was once
a possible utopia, a lone figure wanders the vast spaces of the
deserted compound. The title takes its cue from the meaning of
"portmanteau" (coined by Lewis Carroll): a word concocted by fusing
two different words together. The dual-screen format illustrates the
two faces of hope and desolation as well as two subjectivities,
simultaneous and whole--opening up time and space to its alternates.

Victoria Fu (b. Santa Monica) is an artist who received her BA in Art
from Stanford and MFA from CalArts.


Excerpt from Portmanteau from V Fu on Vimeo.


Michelle Handelman: Dorian

Dorian  4-channel HD video, 2009
a 4-channel video installation based on Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian Gray.
Handelman has interpreted the story and it's queer undertones by casting Dorian as a young woman who falls under the tutelage of a famous drag queen and becomes a nightclub luminary, constantly followed by the paparazzi. Like the films of Warhol and Godard, that blur the line between performance and reality, all of the performers in Dorian are playing some version of themselves. Sequinette (Dorian) is a young gender-bending drag impresario; Armen Ra (Lord H) is a renowned theremin player; K8 Hardy (Sybl Vain) is a performance artist and co-creator of the queer art collective LTTR; and Flawless Sabrina (Dead Dorian) is a drag performance legend.

Michelle Handelman is a multimedia artist working with video, performance, and digital media.
Handelman moved to New York from San Francisco, having her first one-person show at the Cristinerose Gallery (Feb. 2000) and subsequent shows at Jack Tilton/Anna Kustera Gallery and Exit Art.
She is a recipient of the NYSCA individual artists program grants 2004; her work has shown internationally including the Georges Pompidou Centre, Paris; The Institute of Contemporary Art, London; and the American Film Institute. Los Angeles.


Toban Nichols: Battlestations!!
BATTLESTATIONS!! Single channel video/ experimental short
running time 6:28, 2008

Battlestations! was created from the remnants of a videotape. It comes directly from the pixels that show up at the end of a video recording while it switches over to the next video, like when we used to tape over old episodes of Friends or Seinfeld before Tivo came along. Using the video as a base, I wrote a story to go along with what I saw on the screen adding sound effects, music and a character to act out parts of the story. ArtForum contributor and critic, Glen Helfand wrote about the work, it is included below. Battlestations!, the latest work of digital video by Toban Nichols, is a collision of modern fairy tale and found digital debris. With colorful, abstract visuals and voice over, this short movie points to the idea that there are salient, picaresque narratives, and anthropomorphic characters that can be excavated from the video ether. Extending a throwaway snippet of found footage—degraded digital noise on an old VHS tape— Nichols reveals visually provocative material in the form of vibrantly hued pixels that invade an expanse of blue. This monochromatic expanse, the dulcet toned, British accented female narrator informs us, is a fictional landscape populated by calm folk. They’re bedazzled by the arrival of brightly colored pixels, who for all intents and purposes, act like aggressive developers. They insert saloons, espresso bars, parking garages and flavored gelatin outlets into the minimalist expanse. War erupts, and storybook land is infused with whiff of cartoon computer game violence. Battlestations! is informed, in equal measures, by fairy tale theater, classic computer games and color field painting. It’s ultimately a media critique in which pixels come alive and reality, in the guise of barely visible footage of urban settings, struggles for recognition. Nothing is quite what it seems.

Toban Nichols, is a deconstructivist artist living in Los Angeles. His work has been seen internationally in SCOPE New York, SCOPE Basel, the Digital Fringe Festival in Melbourne Australia, Les Territoires in Montreal, as well as The Seattle Art Museum. After earning a Bachelors degree in painting, he moved west to study New Media at the San Francisco Art Institute in California where he recieved an MFA in Digital Media and Videography. He has been granted a residency with the Experimental Television Center in New York, and awarded the Juror's Pick at the ArtHouse Film Festival in 2009 for his video entitled "BATTLESTATIONS!!"


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